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Declaration of personal data protection


The incorporated company “CAMION TSOLAKIDIS S.A. IMPORT- EXPORT AND TRADE OF CARS SPARE PARTS” (TIN 999846560, Tax Office of Taxation of Societes Anonymes), which has its registered office in Athens at number 72 Athens Avenue (hereinafter “CAMION”), is thanking you for visiting our website as well as the mobile apps (mobile devices applications) and also for your interest for the company and our products.

Intellectual property CAMION

All the rights of intellectual property (including the rights of the creator, rights in software, rights in data bases, of patents, know – how, of underlying algorithms, trademarks, logos, commercial names and other commercial distinctive signs, as well as of other similar rights such as, among others, entries, petitions, renewals) which are related to our webpage belong to CAMION. This is also valid for any possible modifications of our webpage. Some particulars of our website comprise an open source software which may consist a third party property (“Open Source Software”). The use of the Open Source Software is governed by the terms by which it is disposed. These terms do not apply for the use of an Open Source Software.

1.CAMION respects your privacy.

1.1 The protection of your privacy at the processing of your personal data as well as the security of all the business elements consist an important issue, which we take into account during our business activities. The processing of the personal data, which are collected at your visit to our website and the mobile apps (mobile devices applications) takes place confidentially and exclusively according to the legislation in force.

1.2 The protection of the personal data and the security of the information consist a part of our company’s policy.

  1. Collection, keeping and processing in general of personal data Personal data consists any information which is referred to and defines or may define a natural entity such as name and surname, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, profession, financial situation.
  2. We collect, we process and we keep personal data and particularly the name, the surname, the home address, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the date of birth, the profession, the financial situation, including the IP addresses provided only that you have given us your explicit consent (ex. in the limits of a registration, a survey, a tender or for the conclusion of a contract), with the exception of the application of relevant legal dictations, mentioning indicatively the need for the processing of the personal data in the field of the legal obligation of CANON or in the framework of the execution of a contract having as counterparty the subject of the personal data.
  3. Purpose of processing of personal data CAMION, under its capacity as in charge for processing, uses and in general processes your personal data aiming at the technical administration of the website and of the mobile apps (mobile devices applications), for the administration of clients in the sense of the monitoring of the historical background of the transactions with every client and of its invoicing for products researches as well as for the questions you may submit to us only to the extent and for as long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of this purpose.
  4. Transmittal of personal data to third parties aiming at their processing CAMION has assigned to external service providers duties , such as services of sale and marketing, contracts management, payments arrangement, programming, data hosting and an open line of customers service. These providers operate as if they performed the processing, as they process the personal data by order and on behalf of CAMION. CAMION has chosen diligently those service providers and it watches them regularly, particularly for the attentive use and the secure storage of the data stored in them. All the service providers are obliged by CAMION to keep the confidentiality and to comply with the law regulations.
  5. Use of the cookies

6.1 General The cookies are small text archives which are stored in your computer. With the help of these archives one can detect whether your terminal device has already communicated with our website. The reading of the cookies allows us to formulate for you respectively our website and to facilitate you in the use.

6.2 Cookies of CAMION CAMION uses cookies and active elements (ex. JavaScript) in order to be able to watch the preferences of the visitors and to adapt the scheduling of the website ideally.

6.3 Cookies of third providers In the website of CAMION are incorporated context and services by other providers (ex. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), which, in their turn may use cookies and active data. CAMION has no influence in the processing of the personal data by those providers.

6.4 Deactivation and deletion of the cookies. When you visit our websites you are questioned in a Cookie- Layer Pop Up (emerging window of cookie placement), whether you will allow cookies, which exist in our website, or whether you wish to deactivate them in the settings. If you decide that cookies are not allowed, then an Opt-Out cookie is defined in the browser. The Opt – Out system means that the natural or legal entities may declare their objection, in what concerns the processing of their data, directly to the person in charge for processing. This cookie serves exclusively for the corresponding of your objection. But the deactivation of the cookies may lead to the fact that some functions of our website are not available any more. Please be careful that an Opt-Out Cookie for technical reasons may be used only for the Browser, by which it has been defined. When you delete the cookies or when you use another Browser or another terminal device, you must perform the objection function “Opt-Out” again. However those cookies, which have been placed during your visit to third parties websites by other providers are not covered by the possibility of settlement. But through your Browser you may delete at any time all the Cookies. That is why you should consult the help functions of your browser. But this could also lead so that some special functions are not at your disposal any more. Furthermore through the following website there is the possibility of the management of the use of cookies through third providers and of their deactivation: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/gr/your-choices. This website does not operate by us, as a consequence we are not responsible for it and we have no influence to its context and its availability.

  1. Use of the retargeting tools

7.1 For the optimization of the online marketing of CAMION we use retargeting technologies. In this way the offer to the internet is being formulated for you as more interesting and it is being adapted to your needs.

7.2 By the use of the cookies, to which your interest for our products and services is being registered as well as through the analysis of your behavior of use we can serve you by an individualized and relevant to your interests advertisement in the websites of our Retargeting cooperators, as Google AdWords is. But this takes place anonymously, so that you cannot be recognized through retargeting.

7.3 The retargeting tools are used only provided you have given us your relevant consent. Consequently, you must have accepted the use of the relevant cookies, as it is being described in the point 6 above.

  1. Use of the conversion tracking

8.1 In order to form our online offer for our users as attractive as possible, we use the so called conversion tracking.

8.2 Our conversion tracking cooperators, such as Google AdWords, place in this analysis service a cookie in your computer (“conversion cookie”), provided that through an advertisement of the respective cooperator you end up to our website. These cookies stop being in force after 30 days. In case you visit some of our webpages and the cookie has not ended yet, then we and each of our conversion tracking cooperators may recognize that someone has made a click on the advertisement and in this way he has been promoted to our site. The cookies may not be monitored through our website. The information which is being collected with the help of the conversion-cookie serve for the creation of conversion statistics and the identification of the total number of the users, who have made a click on the respective advertisement and have been promoted to a web page, marked by a conversion-tracking-tag. But this takes place anonymously, so that it cannot be recognized through the conversion tracking.

8.3 The use of the conversion tracking is being used provided only you have given us your relevant consent. Consequently, you must have accepted the use of the respective cookies, as it is being described in the point 6 above.

  1. Use of the analysis tools

9.1 For the web pages CAMION performs measurements of access with tools of web analysis, such as WebTrends.

9.2 At the choice of the analysis tools we take care that these collect the data of access exclusively anonymously, so that no connection with a user may be restituted. This happens particularly through the depersonalization of the IP address. For the measurement cookies are used, so that the analysis of the use of the website becomes possible. Especially CAMION may improve in this way the data’s quality. The information arising concerning the use of the websites is being transferred to the statistics server (9.2, cpanel4.tesaegroup.gr, in TESAE STA), which operates in CAMION. Only authorized persons have access to these anonymous data.

9.3 When you do not wish that respective analysis cookies are used, then act as in the point 6.4.

  1. Use of the Social Plugins

10.1 CAMION uses its web page also to the mobile apps (mobile devices applications) the so called Social Plugins from the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Here it concerns scopes of activation, such as “Facebook Like Button”.

10.2 By the so called double click method we protect you from the standard detection and evaluation of your visit to our web pages from the social networks providers. If you visit a page of our website, which comprises such plugins, these are deactivated at first. Only if you click on the afore-mentioned button, then the plugins are activated. By this activation you acquire the connection to each social network and you declare your consent for the transmittal of your data. If you push the respective button, the respective information is being transferred immediately from your browser to the respective social network and it is stored there. If you wish to terminate the transmission, then you should deactivate again the plugin.

10.3 When you are connected in a social network, the data collected during your visit may be crossed with your own member data stored. If you do not wish the relevant social network to match with the data collected during your visit, you have to disconnect before the activation of the button Social Plugin (additional of social networking) from each social network.

10.4 For information related to the purpose and the range of the data collection, the further processing and use of the data by the social network as well as your respective rights and the possibilities of settlement for the protection of your privacy, please refer to the suggestions concerning the protection of data of each social network.

  1. Use of the inscription services

11.1 We offer you the possibility to be connected to our webpage and to our mobile apps (mobile devices applications) with the so called Social -Logins (social connections), such as the Facebook- Connect.

11.2 For the inscription you are transferred to the page of each social network service, where you may be connected with your data there. This means, that the account you keep to each network is connected to our service. Here in case you consent the information of your public profile there, your electronic address (e-mail) and the data of recognition of your internet friends are being transferred through the relevant service of social network to us. On the contrary the service of social networking which has been used for the inscription receives the situation of your connection, information of your Browser and your IP address, when you give us your consent for that during your visit to our website.

11.3 When you do not wish that a transmission of data takes place between us and the service of social networking, then do not connect through the services of social inscription, but use our own services of connection instead of them.

12 Advertisement

12.1 Consent and revocation. When you give us personal data, we use them in order to be able to inform you about our products and services and ask probably for your own point of view in what concerns them, provided you have given us explicitly your consent for the use of your personal data for the purposes of advertisement and for the purposes of market research. If we use an institute of market research for research, then it acts as if it performs the processing exclusively by order and according to the suggestions of CAMION. Ιf you have provided us with your consent for advertising use and/or for market research, but you do not wish to receive any advertisement any more in the future or to be questioned about our products and our services by CAMION, then you may revoke your consent at any time for the future following this procedure: https:www.camion.gr/terms-of-use-acceptance. You deactivate the choice: “I want to receive informative sms” and “I want to receive information in my email”. Then your data will be deleted correspondingly or in case they are still necessary for invoicing and for accounting purposes they will be used only for the administration of our client relationship.

12.2 Informative Bulletin (newsletter). In our website and in our applications you may probably be subscribed to our Informative Bulletins (newsletter). We shall send to you Informative Bulletin by e-mail, by services of mobile information (such as WhatsApp for example), SMS or push update provided you have proceeded before to the following action, by clicking on a link on a message, by which you will confirm to us explicitly the activation of the service of receipt of Informative Bulletin. If you decide in retrospect not to receive the Informative Bulletins of CAMION, you may teminate your subscription at any time, by revoking your consent. The revocation of the consent for the receipt of an Informative Bulletin by e-mail takes place through the link printed in the Informative Bulletin or by e-mail to the agents of the services or to the settings of administration of our web page. For an Informative Bulletin mobile the revocation takes place by the sending … of the message “Stopp” to each distributor.

13 Use of external links

The websites of CAMION may contain links to websites of third parties – with providers, which are not connected with us. When you make click on a link, we have no more no competency – involvement in what concerns the collection, the processing and the use of the personal data which is transmitted to third parties, by making click on the link (as for example the address IP or the URL of the web page, which comprises the link), because the actions of third parties, as it is obvious, are out of our control. CAMION has no responsibility for the processing of personal data by third parties.

14 Security

14.1 Our collaborators and the companies of provision of services which are assigned by CAMION are obliged to keep the confidentiality and to comply with the legislation in effect (European and national) concerning the personal data protection, the decisions of the competent Authority and these terms.

14.2 CAMION takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures for the reassurance of the protection of the data which we manage from forgery, loss, destruction or access by persons non-authorized or by a non-authorized notification. Our security measures are continuously being improved, correspondingly to the evolution of the technology.

15 Information and correction

The users have the right to demand at any time information concerning the personal data which are stored for them and to learn whether their personal data consist or consisted an item of processing. Additionally the users have the right to object at any time the correction included, for the processing of the data which concern them. For this purpose, any of their petitions must be submitted in writing to CAMION, as it is provided analytically in the term 18.

16 Revocation and deletion

16.1 Additionally you may revoke at any time your consent for the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the future.

16.2 The deletion of the personal data takes place when you revoke the consent for the keeping – storage and their processing in general, when the knowledge of the personal data for the fulfillment of the purpose aimed at by the processing is no more necessary or when the processing for other legal reasons is not allowed.

16.3 The data which is required for invoicing and for accounting purposes or which are subject to legal requirements of keeping, are not affected. Provided the access is not necessary, these data are also bound.