07/03/2018    Wallmek tools. Invest in time
Εργαλεία Wallmek. Επενδύστε σε χρόνο

wallmek - invest in time

Invest in time

Time saving and problem solving tools for all types of auto repair shops. This equipment is used when efficiency, productivity, problem solving, health and safety is priority for the business. The Wallmek provides spare parts for all tools for at least 8 years from the date of purchase and 1 years warranty on products from the date of delivery.


The following videos show how some Wallmek tools work;

Spring bushing set

Floating brake disc dismantling set

Hydraulic cylinder 45 ton

Puller set with pressure rod

Lock ring tool

Hydraulic cylinder 32 ton

Removal of steering axle joint truck/bus

Universal set for replacing wheel bolts

Hydraulic cylinder 14 ton