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23/12/2019    MELLER TOOLS

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Meller tools

Meller Tools is a professional German supplier of patented repairing tools for Automotive, Agriculture and Construction Machinery. Ιn over 20 years it has provided the innovative high-quality hand tools all over the world. The majority of customers are based in Europe and USA. Τhe company disposes a small range of innovative patented hand tools which could provide in particular tricky situations. With a single tool Meller either replaces a range of ordinary well-known tools, or invents a solution tool for previously insolvable situation. Thereby helping you to save your time and money!

  • Read the Meller tools catalogue here
  • Find Meller products you need and their codes here
Whatch the videos below:

Square Uni Adapter

Induction Header R2

Uni Reamer

Exten Flex
MLL-7000/ MLL-75000

Pivot Magic Joint
MLL-530900/ MLL-530910

Super Grid Nut